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Customers We Partner With

Customers we partner with

Purple Mustard’s core business had traditionally serviced customers in the brewing trade. However, in this ever evolving world we understand that our products are suited to a diverse range of customer groups. As such, we have diversified our product ranges to suit our ever expanding customer base.

We now service a spectrum of industry sectors including:

Case study: Adidas - Bespoke Floor Mat

The client required 600 bespoke point of sale floor mat. Designed, Manufactured and Delivered to store within 10 days !

How was this possible ?

Case study: Footlocker - London

Case study: Corky's - Custom Bar Runner

Our customer was looking for a customised bar runner which would drive sales of the Corkys shot range at point of purchase.

How did we achieve this ?

Case study: Corky's - Manchester

Benefits of partnering with Purple Mustard

Purple Mustard is a fully vertical UK based manufacturer and as such, is in total control of product design, production, packing and despatch. This enables the business to offer its customers unrivalled quality, service and price. We are highly innovative in developing new products that give our clients’ campaigns the cutting-edge and the reason that customers continue to work with us on their bespoke projects.

Our long established partners do business with us because we deliver on:



We have an experienced management team that is committed to the development of Purple Mustard and our partners’ business.



We are proud to have an energised, enthusiastic and motivated cross-trained workforce that thrive on providing a unique and versatile product offering.



We are market leaders in sublimation print processing technology and manufacture.


Competitive Advantage

We are committed to driving forward excellence in customer service for all partners whilst maximising productivity to reduce costs, thus ensuring competitive advantage is maintained.


Continuous Improvement

Wherever possible, we always strive to improve our products and pricing through working in partnership with both customers and our supply chain.


Cost Management

We strive to maximise opportunities to provide cost reduction initiatives which in turn will benefit all parties. We always listen to our customers and whatever your budget, we will deliver the best solution for you.



Time doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We are committed to a long term, robust investment plan which looks at continually updating technology to provide beneficial customised solutions for our customers.



We love to think outside the box and whether it’s a specific brief, improving an existing product or developing a new line for our customers, we always endeavour to achieve the best outcome through constant innovation and development.

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